About Me

Hi, I am Ric Tyler, I have had a love for physical fitness prior to becoming a teenager and fortunately, unlike so many things in this life, that has never waned. This all started when I use to read bodybuilding magazines in the supermarket when shopping with my dad. I was too young to join a health club, so I started by lifting my Dad’s snow tires in the basement, doing bicep curls trying to emulate the guys in the magazines. Little did I know that this would develop into something that would last for many years. At that time, I didn't realize that this was a very beneficial activity not just a passing fad.


After a year or so, a friend of the family had a son who was going into the Navy and didn't need his exercise equipment any longer, so he gave it to me before he left for the service. I am still deeply grateful for his generosity. I still have the weights he gave me as they serve as a momento not only of where I started but also as gratitude for my neighbor’s act of inspiration.


I have come a long way and have never ceased to train to keep my body in good condition. I have maintained this attitude through many years of corporate life, as my career required extensive travel in the US and Canada. I always sought places to workout after the work day was over rather than scurry off to happy hour or the like.


Now that I have retired from that life, I still have my first passion intact and honed to a point where I can help others who may not be as diligent in reaching their personal fitness goals. After all, our bodies are our primary vehicles of maneuvering through the various events of life without which we would be in some way be on a downward spiral due to neglect and a complete lack of understanding of how we need to care for ourselves on many levels, with the physical being only one of them. 


In our culture in the U.S., we are taught many things as we're indoctrinated into the traditional education system. However, one of the main things that has been neglected is the proper care and feeding for our minds and bodies. As research continues to improve, we need to exercise our bodies regularly in order for it to continue to function well and we need to eat nutritiously in order for our minds to perform at their peak levels. Yet, this information is not shared and integrated into the educational system as it should be. As a result, we have a very unfavorable health epidemic in our society today, most of which is and was preventable.


Having spent 30 years in the corporate world, I saw first hand how the demand of such a high pressure lifestyle can wreak havoc on one’s life and those around them. As a result, this contributes to one being out of balance in his or her life and out of touch with themselves on a physical and emotional level. In these kind of conditions everything suffers as we depend on stimulants and herd mentality to get us through the days of the work week. Honestly, I don't see an end to this anytime soon as companies continue to push for more productivity from its workforce. We have become like batterie; we work until we are depleted and then replaced. Something has to be done, and it starts with us, the individual!


Companies don't want their employees to get sick because it costs them money so many have installed fitness centers in their facilities to help their workers remain healthy and strong. However, this doesn't  appear to be enough because many employees still haven't the desire or will to exercise. This is likely because they have not been convinced of its overall value to the point of actually taking the necessary steps to improve and maintain their health. If we were taught this early in our education many would have made an earnest effort in developing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle to the benefit of first themselves and then to their family, friends and employers.

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